Creating a Good Looking Gauge Chart in Qlikview

    Hello Guys!


    I am always seeking for good ideas trough the community and I never get disappointed. That is why I decided to share this format of gauge chart with you. So far, there is a quite big gap between formatting objects in qlikview and qliksense. I see that this is about to be changed. Meanwhile, I was trying to improve the design of my gauge charts and, based on other ideas, I came up with the following one:


    Gauge Chart.PNG


    To achive that you will have to create a gauge chart (not a pie one), select the first 'look' in the Style property tab.


    Gauge 1.PNG


    Go to your 'Expressions' tab and set '1' as Definition



    In the Presentation tab we will do the big changes.


    Presentation 1.png


    Note we will have two segments. The Lower Bound of our second Segment is where we should insert our expression. The color should be a light gray.


    For the first segment we could add a conditional color to make it more intresting.




    Next step is adding a 'Text in Chart' with our expression. Note that I am using a 'num' function to format it as percentage. I changed the size and color of my font to make it bigger and less dark and centralized it as well.




    Now just center your text in the middle of your chart holding Ctrl + Shift and moving the text red line box.




    That is it! I hope I could have helped someone!


    See you around QlikCommunity!