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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Healthcare Tech Thursdays - Set Analysis

Qlik Healthcare Tech Thursdays

Once a month we will be hosting a session focused on a technical feature or technique. Lead by Healthcare Solution Architects, these one-hour sessions will present tips, tricks or technology insights to aide you in your journey with Qlik. Q&A will be open for the last 15 minutes of each event.

Understanding and Applying Set Analysis

Hosted by Dalton Ruer (QlikDork, drr Qlik Healthcare Solution Architect

This practical session will cover the application and power of set analysis.


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Nobody out there needs to learn how to do Year over Year comparisons do they?

Certainly they aren't interested in looking into Co-Morbidity studies are they?

They don't have cases where they need to show figures on a dashboard regardless of what users have filtered do they?

Oh wait ... maybe, just maybe, everyone who sees this does have all of those needs and more. My session on Set Analysis will help them understand how to implement and really kick their analytics into high gear. If they like what they see in my QlikDork videos that are 4-5 minutes in length, imagine what they'll learn in a full hour deep dive into Set Analysis. I know I can't wait.