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Qlik Sense Comprehensive Developer Tutorial

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Qlik Sense Comprehensive Developer Tutorial

Disclaimer: This document is no longer being updated, but has been made available due to popular demand. For comprehensive educational courses and the latest content, visit the Qlik Continuous Classroom at http://qcc.qlik.com/

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This is a full tutorial for developers wishing to build Qlik Sense applications.  It's a complete and self contained tutorial that uses real data with real data problems. The tutorial covers the following topics:

  • Loading data from files
  • Renaming and editing data
  • Building charts (line charts, pie charts, scatter plots, tables, filters, gauges, text & images)
  • Avoiding repetition using master items
  • Viewing the data model
  • Consistent colors and good visual design
  • Mobile development.

The installer includes all of the files you need to run the tutorial, including all data files, a full set of instructions, and completed applications for you to play with. There's also an accompanying YouTube video that illustrates every step of the process.


You must have Qlik Sense installed on your system. You must install the tutorial files (using the installer below).

Download the tutorial

  • Download the tutorial installer here.
    Once you've downloaded the installer, run it to install the files in the correct locations.


  • (optional) - See the Tutorials.zip file and extract to temp directory
  • Copy the Tutorial directory to C:\Users\<user profile>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\

What's in the installer?

The installer will install a number of files on your machine, consuming about 12 MB. The installation process will put a shortcut to the tutorial instructions on your desktop and open it in your PDF reader. Here's a list of the installed files, what they are, and where they are installed.

Qlik\Sense\AppsAutomotive.qvfA complete and advanced application using a variety of visualization methods.
AutoTutorial.qvfA complete version of the application built in the tutorial.
Qlik\Sense\Content\Default\Images\AutomotiveMultipleThe image files used by the Automotive application
Qlik\Sense\Content\Default\Images\AutoTutorialMultipleThe images files used to build the tutorial example
Qlik\Sense\Tutorials\Qlik Sense developer\Data sourcesMultipleThe data files used to build the tutorial example
Qlik\Sense\Tutorials\Qlik Sense developer\Installation splashMultipleVarious files associated with the installer and the installer splash screen
Qlik\Sense\Tutorials\Qlik Sense developer\InstructionsQlik Sense developer quick start.pdfThe tutorial instructions file.
Qlik\Sense\Tutorials\Qlik Sense developer\KMLworld.kmlA KML file of countries of the world - used by the Automotive app


Hi. Page 29 - when you add Area measure you don't show a SUM in the expression dialogue picture. Is that intentional?

It is a really good way to get going + video... changing the way people learn.

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Hi Adam,

Thank you very much for your comment. I find feedback like this really helpful.

The tutorial is correct, but...

The data set I have shows just one area number for territories. For what I'm doing in this tutorial, you don't need an aggregation, so you don't need sum. The tutorial is correct in this sense.

But I thought about your comment and what it implies. It's possible that someone might want to use area with a dimension like region. In this case, the aggregation would be needed. So the tutorial should use an aggregation here and you are right - sum is the correct one.

So I've updated the tutorial. I've changed the screen shot and updated the files to include sum as the aggregation. I've left the video as it is because changing the video will take a long time.

If you download the tutorial now, you should see page 29 changed.

Thanks again Adam - I appreciate your help to make things better!


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This tutorial is awesome.

Is there a possibility to make the Date available in a different method?
In my working environment it is not simply allowed to install exe files.




Hello HB - I updated the document to include the tutorial as .zip file. It is attached to this tutorial as Tutorials.zip. Please let us know if this works for you.


Mike Tarallo


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Hello Mike

It works perfectly for me.
Thank you so much for your speedy assistance.


Awesome! 🙂

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Great Presentation

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Video is very helpful, question? at minute 58 in video  adding Introduction sheet; when I add text chart, I am not able to use icons at top of screen to format text? 

text fomat.GIF


Hi Alex - can you post this question int he New to Qlik Sense - forum section? That way we can ensure others will see your question and be able to help you.


Mike T


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Will do thanks.

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