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Build Your Own Chat Bot in Qlik Sense

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Build Your Own Chat Bot in Qlik Sense




Hi everyone my name is Dipankar Mazumdar and I'm a developer

advocate in the RND team here at Qlik. Today I'm going to introduce you to the

new natural language API from Qlik. Qlik Sense has always been known as a

visually compelling data analytics platform helping users to discover and derive

insights to actionable intelligence Qlik also brought in the inside advisor

and ai powered natural language processing capability enabling users to ask questions in their

own words through a chat interface by blending the power of Qlik's

associative and cognitive engine the insight advisor instantly generates

relevant answers in the form of narrative text visualization charts

and recommendations to help users with any level of expertise to maximize their potential when

deriving insights today we bring the potential of the

Insight Advisor to the hands of a developer community with the new natural language API that

allows developers to build customized chatbots using technologies like node.js

let us look at a demo to understand this better here we have a Qliks mashup with the chatbot

embedded now along with the ability to visually analyze my data

I can also ask questions to Qlik’s analytical engine and quickly get a response the

flexibility to switch between visual and conversational analytics seamlessly

and without losing context bridges the gap that is often seen with

traditional BI tool, now let us ask our Qlik chatbot some questions

first,I want to know my total sales so what is my total sales the Qliks analytical engine responds with a value of 23.89 million dollars next I'm interested to see what has been my sales over the year so let us ask I have been returned with a narrative that shows the total sales and the maximum and minimum value

during a specific period, i can also see a time series chart being provided by the chatbot let us expand this okay we have the chart here now and we

can get a better view finally i want to know which salesperson did the

biggest sale so let us ask this time i am return with the total sales

made by the person and his name i also get a bar chart that shows me the

top 15 salesperson and their sales in descending order let us expand this

so now that we know about this exciting new API how do you as a developer get

started you can easily get started by going to our developer site Qlik.devs

tutorial section and clicking on the build the chat bot link you will see all the steps required

to build your Qlik chat bot the tutorial also contains the complete code for a baseline

chatbot thank you so much for watching.


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