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Video Transcript: Qlik App Analyzer - Demo


Video Transcript: Qlik App Analyzer - Demo


Video Transcript: Qlik App Analyzer - Demo


so let's take a few minutes and talk
about the app analyzer
available for both qlik sense enterprise
sas and qlik sense business
firstly it's important to know where
this application's roots are
as many of our customers use both our
windows platform and our cloud platform
the app analyzer is largely a port from
the app metadata analyzer for qlik sense
enterprise on windows
which began shipping with the platform
natively as of the september 2019
the primary endpoint for application
metadata is the same
in both platforms which made this
application a prime candidate for one of
the first monitoring apps
in our cloud platform the data from this
includes the following app base ram peak
reload ram
table and field ram row counts field
the presence of data islands synthetic
keys and circular references
it is important to recognize that these
data points are gathered post
application reload and are strictly data
model metrics
with no ui usage or metrics both app
base ram and peak reload ram are
to monitoring klix cloud platforms as
they are two primary metrics that are
in the base tier offering as far as when
to use this application
there are four primary considerations
tracking of app
ram size against tenant quotas anomaly
detection for problematic apps
app optimization typically this goes
hand in hand
with the anomaly detection and then data
modeling standardization and best
so you're holding all of your developers
accountable to certain best practices
the entire tenant let's go have a look
at a quick demo
so now we're inside of the app analyzer
that's been run on one of our demo
you can see across the top all of the
key kpis for instance the number of apps
in our tenant
the total base ram footprint and so on
on the left hand side
you can see the app base ram thresholds
and the app peak reload ram thresholds
in this tenant it's currently two and a
half gigabytes for base ram threshold
that is going up to
five gigabytes by default shortly and
for the peak reload ram that is going to
be five gigabytes and each one of these
are set
at eighty percent of the total so what
we're saying is flag any applications
that exceed over two gigabytes of ram
and any that exceed over four gigabytes
on reload
i can drill into any application at any
point in time
see all of the individual fields so for
example i can see this
o comment field takes 740 megabytes in
that might be something that i want to
optimize or potentially even remove if
it's not being used
i could see all of my table memory
footprints as well as the
overall cardinality and then the the
number of of records within each one of
those tables
if i go to the following sheet we can
drill into
each and individual metric down to the
app table or
field level and i can very easily see
which applications are consuming the
most ram and which are
up against my quota both from a base ram
perspective and a peak
reload ram perspective
this sheet is intended to act as almost
like an inventory sheet so i can see how
many applications
uh are sitting you know from zero to ten
percent quota all the way up to ninety
to a hundred percent quota
and the same for um peak reload ram
as well as base ram and very easily
what applications are nearing
that quota
the app analysis page is predominantly
focused around
ownership so i can see the applications
and where they reside
if they're in managed spaces shared
spaces or individuals personal spaces
and then i can very easily you know
drill down into a single user
to see what they own and what the
application metadata
is as it pertains to those users
and on the following sheet this is
probably the most complex sheet
this is where you're tracking trends
over time so i can track the trend of
you know application ram base ram over
time let's say i just select
these individual applications so i could
begin to anticipate now
keep in mind these are relatively low
we're talking you know 550 megabytes
in in base ram which is well below our
threshold but i can then
extrapolate you know that trend and
begin to potentially predict when
that application might hit my tenant
quota on a per app basis
i can then do the same thing for peak
reload ram which we can see for this one
application is actually significantly
just over three gigabytes for total rows
total fields which probably won't change
very frequently
the amount of tables and even track the
reload time
over time
and then on the last sheet we just have
a very brief about
similar to what was presented in the
first slide at the start of this
so i hope this has been informative
please take the
links that mike will share and go out
download this app
and import it into your tenant
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