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    Epic Radar --> Qlik integration:  Passing DEP value?


      We're trying to tightly integrate our many QlikView dashbaords, which provide access to nearly all of our organization's Key Performance Indicators, with Epic Radar dashboards, where our providers and departmental supervisors spend time.


      We've shown that we can embed QlikView documents or even single objects in Radar HTML component windows -- but has anyone successfully been able to pass an Epic user's LOGIN_DEP (name and/or number) through Radar to Qlik?


      We know how Qlik could use those values to pre-filter displayed information to the user's department, but we can't find a way to get Radar to pass that value (I realize this is more of an Epic question than a Qlik question, but we've had no success through Epic....)



      UCSF Medical Center

      San Francisco, CA  USA