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InterView Questions

Arun Kukna


I have an interview on QlikView. I have created a couple of reports for my company in the past. Please guide me with some important questions on QlikView.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • InterView Questions
    John Witherspoon

    Hmmm, trying to think what I'd ask you if I were interviewing you for a position here. Rather than asking technical questions, I'd probably be asking questions more like this:

    • For how long have you been using QlikView?
    • What were your responsibilities?
    • Have you written a lot of script or just charts and the like?
    • Do you have experience managing QlikView Server, or just applications?
    • Tell me about the QlikView application you're most proud of writing or helping with.
    • Any particular lessons you've learned based on your experience?
    • What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses in QlikView?
    • Have you been responsible for the whole process from gathering requirements through installing applications?
    • How have you handled the parts of this process that you are responsbile for?
    • Have you used QVDs? In what situations have you used QVDs instead of just loading the data directly? Why?
    • How much experience do you have writing QlikView macros?
    • How about replacing macros with other forms of logic?
    • Have you mainly loaded data from text or Excel files? Databases?
    • Was there already a data warehouse in place?
    • Did you instead have to read raw data from a business system not designed for reporting?

    I don't know that these are GOOD questions or the kind of questions you'll be asked. I've never interviewed anyone for a job. But those are the kind of things I'd be curious about. I wouldn't be asking technical questions, like "explain differences between MAP USING and applymap()" or "show me a set analysis expression to select the sum of sales for the most recent selected month, or the most recent month if none has been selected". I'm much more interested in general experience, intelligence, and problem-solving abilities than in your exposure to and ability to remember very specific things.

  • Re: InterView Questions
    Manish Kachhia

    altogether we have now two different links and one set of questions for QlikView interview.

    Thanks to every one for helping.