Qlik Greenway

green-way | /'grenwa/

noun: a shared space; a co-created path to somewhere epic

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An Epic Qlik Journey Awaits

Qlik Greenway serves as a shared-use path within Qlik Community - built with and for all our members to forge connections, gain inspiration, share progress, get recognized, and go further in your Qlik journeys.


Upload your apps, showcase your progress, collaborate on ideas


Join a Qlik Meetup online or in-person to network with other Qlik technologists


A fun way to get engaged while earning status and rewards


Get inspired by stories of remarkable leadership using Qlik 


Recognizing Community members who go above and beyond


Recognizing some of the brightest lights in the Qlik ecosystem

Qlik Educator Ambassadors

Qlik Educator Ambassadors are an exclusive group of our most active Qlik Academic Program educator members.

Qlik Partner Ambassadors

Partner Ambassador Programs are the biggest experts in advisory and implementation in the Qlik ecosystem.


"For me, it's about having opportunities to connect; with Qlik, with peers and with leaders. Throughout my journey with Qlik, I have been able to share the work that I've been most proud of, make fantastic new connections across the globe. There are many options to help you with your current goals.”

Rob ONeill, Head of Analytics
University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

Go Further - Reveal Your Path to Success.


MAKE an impact

Make an impact through
feedback and engagement
on Qlik Community and
Qlik Nation



Show off your latest app
in Qlik Gallery and share
your successes as Qlik
Leaders in Data.



Get recognized for your contributions to the Community as Qlik Community MVP, or as part of the Qlik Luminary 50 program.



Ignite a following or spark inspiration exploring with other Qlik users from all over the world in the Qlik Community Forums, or attending or leading a Qlik Meetup.


Qlik Nation

Qlik Nation is our invitation-only customer advocate hub. By completing “challenges” – such as sharing Qlik news, submitting product reviews, taking part in beta testing - you'll be rewarded with points that can be used for cool Qlik merchandise, gift cards, and much more.

There are no requirements other than you're an active Qlik customer who wants to engage with all things Qlik, and you can do as much or as little as you have time for.

Email us to receive an invite!

Qlik Luminary 50

The Qlik Luminary 50 celebrates the brightest beacons from across the Qlik global ecosystem.

Luminaries are Qlik end-user customers who are driving measurable impacts from data – and then broadly sharing those outcomes with others. With passion, expertise, and commitment, Qlik Luminaries champion the vision of transforming data into business impact.

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Qlik Meetups

Qlik Meetups take many forms - from just a few people getting together to talk about the latest release, to large gatherings with demos and deep technology dives. Qlik Meetups may be physical or virtual, but they will always be hosted by Qlik users for Qlik users.

Find out more about leading a Meetup as a Qlik Captain.

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Qlik Leaders in Data

Get inspired by Qlik users and hear stories from across the globe from different industries, business functions. Gain insights into how others are using Qlik to ignite powerful transformation in their organizations.

Explore and find inspiration in some of the most remarkable user stories showcasing true Leaders in Data from across the globe.

Have a story to tell? Contact us to share it.

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Qlik Educator Ambassadors

Qlik Educator Ambassadors are an exclusive group of our most active Qlik Academic Program educator members from across the world.

These are individuals who fully utilize and champion our Academic Program resources to make more students data literate and to prepare them for the data-driven workplace.

Find out how you can become a part of the Qlik Educator Ambassadors Program.

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Qlik Partner Ambassadors

Members of our Partner Ambassador Programs are the biggest experts in advisory and implementation in the Qlik ecosystem. This is an exclusive group that celebrates true Qlik experts who work to enable the success of others.

The Qlik Partner Ambassador Program brings together individuals from Qlik Partner or advisory organizations who amplify the Qlik values and drive success for their customers.

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Qlik Community MVPs

Community MVPs are the true rock stars of Qlik Community! MVPs go above and beyond, answering questions, moderating, and dedicating their time to helping other members. Qlik Community MVPs are chosen for their technical expertise and impact on the Community, and are regularly featured as Community Members of the Month.