QlikView  version 11.20 SR5 is now available. This important release includes Direct Discovery enhancements, amongst other new supported platforms and capabilities. It can be downloaded here.


Direct Discovery broadens the classic in-memory capabilities of QlikView to allow for direct query access to Big Data solutions like Hive & Cloudera Impala as well as traditional data warehousing solutions like Teradata and SAP HANA.


11.20 SR5 also includes some additional enhancements, see below:


- Enhanced Direct Discovery capabilities - major re-write and new functionality has been added

o Possibility to use WHERE clause

o Drill-to-details

o Cancel query

o Global search on dimension fields

- Map Extension - a new mapping extension delivered together with an updated Extension example QlikView application

- SharePoint 2013 Support - a new proxy that can be used for SharePoint integration, delivered in the Workbench installation package

- Added support for QlikView Desktop on Windows 8.1

- Added support for IE11


The release and the release notes can be downloaded here: http://global.qlik.com






The Products Team