What elements can I add to NPrinting e-mail?


    • NPrinting allows you do distribute reports via e-mail to your recipients.
    • Reports can be attached to e-mail messages as MS Office, HTML, PDF and other image format files.
    • HTML format reports can be embedded into the e-mail message body; these can be based on HTML, Excel or MS Word format templates.
    • NPrinting e-mail messages can also have any externally created files as attachments (NB it is not possible to filter these in a user specific way).
    • It is possible to attach all, some or none of the reports in a Task to an e-mail message.
    • It is possible to insert tags into the message subject; these can include any QlikView variable and information about the recipient.
    • It is possible to insert tags into the message body; these can include any QlikView variable, information about the recipient, information about where reports are saved and a time stamp of when reports were run
    • E-mail messages can be in text format and HTML which supports formatted text; HTML reports cannot be embedded into text format messages

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