Does NPrinting Generate Excel Reports with More Than 65536 Rows?

    NPrinting allows export of more than 65536 rows into Excel workbooks for version 2007 or later.

    QlikView Chart with One Hundred Thousand Rows



    Numbers is a chart that contains one hundred thousand rows.


    Preview Result



    Attention: You must save the template as a 2007 Excel Workbook (.xlsx) before you run the preview. If you save the template as Excel 97 - 2003 Workbook it will contain only the first 65536 rows.

    You can create your Excel template as usual. Refer to "How to Create Excel Reports"

    After you have added a QlikView object as a table:

    1. Drag and drop the column tokens into cells one at a time as needed
    2. Click on Save As and save the template
    3. Click on Preview

    As you can see, NPrinting has exported all rows.