Qlik NPrinting 17.x Repository Backup Batch File

    Users should be aware that the NPrinting 17.x repository may be removed in case of a failed upgrade: Upgrading NPrinting?  Read this. Taking regular backups of your files & data is always a good idea anyway and backing up your NPrinting Repository should be no different. Here is a batch file that you could run using your Windows Task Scheduler to automate Qlik NPrinting Repository backups.



    • Accepts the Repository password as the only parameter. Terminates if no password is provided
    • Checks to see if services QlikNPrintingEngine, QlikNPrintingScheduler and QlikNPrintingWebEngine are running and stops them before the backup. Starts them after the backup succeeds or fails. Be sure to schedule your backups when there are no other NPrinting tasks running or scheduled to run
    • Creates a new compressed file every time and parses date & time to name it
    • Logs each step of the backup process to a log file with the same name


    To change manually:

    • Change this line to specify the backup destination folder: set BACKUPDIR="C:\NPrintingBackups\
    • Uncomment the appropriate line with the names of the services depending on the version of NPrinting. Documented in-line



    • Provided "as is". If you decide to use this batch file please test to make sure it works for you


    HTH - Daniel.