QMC Task & QVD Analyser & QSR DB Viewer - No Data.qvf

    1. View Task Information (runs in a few seconds based on info in QSR, as opposed to full log files);
    2. View QVD information (tables and names) and
    3. View QSR tables and names for further development of app and needs.

    Please share your work for unlocking server information in QSR.

    Creating LIB connection to QSR:

    1. Use "Qlik ODBC Connector Package": driver for 'PostgreSQL'.

    2. Hostname = 'localhost'.

    3. Port = '4432'.

    4. Database = 'QSR'.

    5. User name = 'postgres'.

    6. Password = '[insert the QlikSense super user password]'.


    Extensions needed:

    QlikSense Timeline



    Script adjustments:

    1. Fields "[... - Adjusted Time] have been added in due to using AWS server where machine time was not local time. Edit the script with a new 'time difference' (referred to in the variables) even if it is "zero/nil".


    2. Suggested reload task scheduling: every one hour.


    3. Adjust QVD information reload (look at if/then/else statements using "QVDcreatetime()" in order to minimise 'unnecessary' long reloads. QVDs don't need to be analysed more that on a daily basis.


    4. Edit the "Full_Paths_To_Folder" table to include all the LIBs where your QVDs reside.


    CONTENT in Sheets:

    1. Daily Tasks - Waterfall

    Gantt chart of tasks. Use "Task Date Grouping" to view 24 hour of reloads.

    Since our reloads run from 6PM onwards, each 'grouping' runs from 6PM one day to the next. You can edit this in the script at "Hour([Task Execution Start Time]) >= 18" by changing the start time (24-hour clock, where 18 is 6PM).


    2.Task Time Analysis & Details

    Bar chart: Average times for reloads.

    Tables: Unsuccesful reloads.

    Variations in Reload Time (based on one standard deviation of task reload time).

    Reload Details.


    3. Task Intensity

    Bar-chart: Number of tasks & QVD Records generated by (reload start) Hour of Day.

    Table: Task Intensity based on Averages.


    4. Task Duration Trend over time

    Line chart: Trend of Task Duration over time.


    5. Cumulative Task Reload Time by Hour of Day

    Line chart: Task Duration by Task Start Hour (of day)


    6. Current Users

    Table showing potential current logged in users. 'Potential' because it is based on 'last activity' within past 2 hours. I don't know how/when this data gets updated in QSR.


    7. QVD Tables & Fields



    8. QSR Table & Columns

    Table containing QSRs tables and fields.