Styling Qlik Sense sheets and Objects

    Style Qlik Sense sheets and objects with some option which can change the look and feel of your Sheet



    Why Do We need CSS for styling?


    1. CSS Provides Efficiency in Design and Updates
    2. CSS Use Can Lead to Faster Page Downloads
    3. CSS is Easy to Work With

    Color is powerful because it helps in changing the mood – the mood of prospective customers/ consumers.
    With this extension anyone will be able to style Qlik Sense Sheet with some option which can change the look and feel of entire Application/Sheet.

    Third Version:

    Functions added:

    1. Filter Pane Background color, Text color, count bar selected color, locked color, optional color, alternative color
    2. Font Style, Font Size of the Sheet HTML document (by - Prithvi)
    3. Simplified Property Panel and Some Bugs Solved
    4. Hide Title Bar
    5. Object Transparency [example: 0.1 or 0.7] (by – dtr)
    6. Object Container Transparency [example: 0.1 or 0.7] (by – dtr)
    7. Header Font Size of individual Objects and of table data (by - Prithvi)



    1. Selection bar style cannot be applied
    2. Font Size for individual objects were not applied (by - cpomeren003)

    Second Version:

    Improvements and functions added:

    1. Table Alternate Row color (by - Tolberta14)
    2. Screen Resizer I suggest using 24 x 48 (by – ander0s.uddenberg)
    3. Hide Header
    4. Can adjust container border
    5. Fixed filter border (by - AdamD)
    6. Selection bar style
    7. Tooltip css

    First Version:


    1. Option to add background color or image
    2. Background transparency
    3. Can change Sheet title height, text color and font size
    4. Can change an objects header text color, text alignment, background color
    5. Can change hover color, text alignment, background color of the table header


    1. This Extension may not work in Qlik Sense 3.0 uses >=3.0.x
    2. Object ID is needed can get from debug option
    3. The Forth version is on its way

    It was a long way to make this extension as a module for qlik sense,

    Thanks everyone for giving your valuable suggestion and experience,

    Special Thanks to Clay Logix, Dattaram Dhuri & Surajbhan Chaurasia for their Support and experience,

    I will Add More options if possible,

    Leave Comments for any Improvements for this styling extension.

    To Download This Extension
    QlikSense Sheet Styler


    HI Ajay,

    Thanks for Sharing Can we change map bubble color using this extension ?




    Hi vikas,

    Do you mean by geoanalytics or QS Map bubble color


    QS Map Bubble Color is it possible to change color or customized ?


    I think your query can be solved by using the latest version on QS


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