How to create custom map from Excel file

    Hello All,

    It could be going all around to do so, But I will try to keep in smooth


    The first thing you need is a Longitude and Latitude Data of points you want to Draw on the map.


    if you want to Draw a Square you need five Points of  Longitude and Latitude


    Go to the site and pick your four points for the square you want to Draw on Map fifth point would be the same as one.


    I am picking the following for this Example.


    43.946955, -105.62695344.670216, -93.234375
    40.230896, -106.901367

    40.163763, -93.234375

    Now you want to make a field for that.

    Change the top four Points into the following formate.

    Note: Longitude and Latitude are Revised. I don't know why? but it has to be this way.



    So you have a field put it in Table with ID.

    and you are ready to load in Qlik sence.










    FROM [lib://AttachedFiles/Temp.xlsx]

    (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);

    Tag field MapSq with $geomultipolygon;

    Top Bold line is Important



    You are Good to Go.  oops, something wrong with my points ... But that how you will do it.