QlikView 11 Hardware Benchmarking Package

    This download contains a document that outlines all required information on how to access/execute/analyze/submit results for the QlikView Hardware Benchmarking test package. The goal with the QV HW Benchmarking package is to have a unified QlikView specific Hardware test that can be executed for various environments with the aim to establish a matrix for comparisons on how different servers and configurations perform with QlikView. The document contains information on how to download additional files needed and where to upload the results. This package only supports QlikView 11.


    The QV Hardware benchmarking package consists of two parts, stand-alone QV desktop based and a QlikView Server based Benchmark tests, focusing different areas of hardware performance. QV documents and scripted tests are part of the Benchmarking package.


    This package can be used for analytics on your own to perform comparisons of performance for different hardware configurations, but more important is that any test results are provided to the Scalability Center, making sure that your results becomes part of the general summary to improve coverage and statistical accuracy of the results.


    Please take the time to help out with these types of activities to establish useful guidelines about which servers to recommend (i.e. where QlikView performs well).


    Changes for version 3.4

    • Updated the documentation to include the new location for the HW BM package.


    Changes for version 3.3

    • JMeter 4.0 and Java 9.0 support
    • Support for QV11.20SR16 and up.


    Changes for version 3.2.1

    • Documentation updates


    Changes for version 3.2.0

    • The test scripts were generated with QV Scalability Tool 1.2.1


    Changes for version 3.1:

    • Documentation updates
    • Updated Performance Counters template
    • Updated Batch files:
      • Added: retrieving server information and automatic generation of ServerInfo.xml
    • Benchmarking Analyzer with documentation is available on FTP


    Major changes for version 3.0:

    • Larger data volume in Benchmarking application – change done to put heavier load on server, it also should reduce load client dependency
    • Updated Batch files:
      • Added: Feedback if automatic remote restart of services is possible
      • Added: execute selected scenarios only
      • With functionality to execute only selected scenarios Benchmarking package can be run if remote service restart is not possible (NOTE: restarts of QVS and WebServer should be performed manually)
    • Reduced execution time (to approximately 4,5h)



    We got some reports about problems with QVScalabilityTools and QlikView Hardware Benchmarking test when used with JMeter 3.2. We recommend using JMeter 3.0 or 4.0.


    Best regards,


    Scalability Center