Qlik Sense Desktop - Sharing Apps (video)

    Qlik Sense Desktop writes apps as files in a directory on the installed user's workstation profile. These files are given the extension .qvf. When creating a new app with Qlik Sense Desktop, you can verify the name and the directory location of the QVF file in the app overview page:


    8-4-2014 2-20-52 PM.jpg

    The folder is located here:C:\Users\<userid>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps


    Others that have Qlik Sense Desktop installed can also open these apps without any restriction. Simply have the user copy the .qvf file to the aforementioned specified directory on their workstation.


    Watch this video below for a brief example of this process:





    • A .qvf file can become too large for email or file transport depending on how much data has been loaded into it, so be mindful when using this approach to share .qvf files.

    • The QVF file must be copied/saved to the user's specific directory location as this is what is supported by Qlik Sense Desktop, you cannot use a shared mapped drive or network location.

    • Users who open .QVF files will have access to the Load Script and Data Model and data that has been loaded into the app.

    • The Source Data used to create the app (databases connections, credentials, files, etc.) may not be available to those receiving the app, so Reloading the app will fail if they do not have access to the source data used to create the app.


    Alternative approaches to sharing Qlik Sense Apps - will be to use Qlik Sense Enterprise (available later this year) which offers a complete server-side self-service analysis, design and management for Qlik Sense apps.