Creating Content on Qlik Sense Demo Site

    We are excited to announce the added ability on the Qlik Sense demo site for visitors to create their own visualizations, sheets, stories and duplicate and edit existing sheets within the Qlik Sense demos. The demo site runs on the full Qlik Sense product so it can be used from any device (PC, Mac, mobile, etc.) with an internet connection and a modern web browser[1].  Creating content is possible from any device (including mobile) with sufficient screen size[2].

    • Go to
    • Logged in to the site using your Qlik Community credentials (or register and login).  Logging in is required in order to create content.


    • Once logged in, select a demo and navigate to the App Overview.


    • In the App Overview,
      1. create a new sheet.2.png
      2. or navigate to any existing sheet and place the demo in edit mode. Once in edit mode, duplicate the sheet and edit it accordingly.3.png
    • Stories can also be created by navigating to Storytelling and clicking “Create a New Story”


    • What you cannot do:
      • You cannot publish a sheet(s) that you create
      • b. You cannot create new measures
      • c. You cannot access the script


    NOTE: Content will be clear out regularly. So this means that create something today, may or may not be available to tomorrow.



    [1] The web browser must have HTML5 capabilities.  See System Requirements for full details.

    [2] This depends on the physical size and resolution of the device.  Phones typically will be too small tablets are sufficiently large.  Some ‘large screen’ phones may have sufficient size.