System Fields filtering cannot be undone

    According to Qlik Sense documentation at|Loading%2520data|Introduction%2520to%2520data%2520modeling|Understanding%2520data%2520structures|Fields|_____3, I can create filter panes and tables to display the system fields listed there (as well as below).


    I did this.  In one table visualization I put $Table, $Rows, and $Fields.  In another table visualization I put $Field and $FieldNo.


    I found that if I select a specific value of, say, $Table, the filter does not appear in the Selections bar at the top (it continues to show "No selections applied").  Nor can the filtering be undone, except by refreshing the web page.  In Qlik Sense Desktop, not even refreshing the page undoes the selection, nor does closing and reopening the app, nor does closing and restarting Qlik Sense Desktop.  The filtering becomes a permanent feature of the app!!


    Also, if I make a tentative selection of a table name value, unselected and excluded values in associated fields in the $Field-$FieldNo table do not display.  If I approve the selection, all the unselected values in the $Table-$Rows-$Fields table disappear as well.



    System fields

    In addition to the fields extracted from the data source, system fields are also produced by Qlik Sense. These all begin with "$" and can be displayed like ordinary fields in a visualization, such as a filter pane or a table. System fields are typically created during script execution, and are primarily used as an aid in app design.

    System fields are not included in field lists in the assets panel or the Expression editor. If you want to use a system field, you need to reference it by typing it manually.

    Example: =$Field

    Available system fields

    The following system fields are available:


    $Table Displays all internal tables loaded by the script.
    $Field Displays the fields that are read from the tables.
    $Fields Represent the number of fields in different tables.
    $FieldNo Displays the position of the fields in the tables.
    $Rows Displays the number of rows in the tables.
    $Info Displays names of info tables, if they have been included in the app.