Colorful QlikView Scripts & Expressions

    Hello Qlikers,


    Most of the people may know about this already. But I would like to share this content with you. I got bored of seeing same color in script and expression, perhaps some people like to keep it simple and default colors & fonts. I have made some changes in color & fonts of script's and expression's key words like functions, statements, comments etc. It looks beautiful to me. Can you just imagine if life is so colorful?


    I am not sure if you guys are really using it, but at least I need the changes. Please see the below screenshots






    So how do I do that?


    Go to Settings -> User Preferences -> Editor->

    Here you can change the Fonts & Colors for Keywords, Statements etc


    Change the colors & Font of your choice and make your script colorful.


    Please see the attached QVW.


    I need feedback from all of you.