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    To register a Chatbot on Telegram, the first step is to have Telegram installed in your laptop, phone or tablet. More information here: If you do not know what is Telegram, you can think this is similar to Whatsapp, but with much more possibilities, mainly for Chatbots.


    Here is where you will create the Bot in Telegram and define its properties. Think first about a couple of things you will have to define during the process:

  • Define the bot name and the userid. The userid could be anything, but it must end with “bot” and have no spaces. For example, Qlik Sense Bot for the name and QlikSenseBot for the userid.
  • The bot profile photo, a squared photo (similar width and height), something around 250 x 250 pixel works well. Please, consider the copyrights for images from the internet.


    You must use Telegram (from desktop, mobile and/or web), so create a Telegram account. Not needed in the Qlik Sense server, it is just to have access from some place to configure, test and demo.


To create the Telegram bot, follow the next steps:


  1. Go to Telegram
  2. In the contacts search box, look for BotFather. This is a bot to create bots.
  3. Start a conversation with this bot.
  4. Write /newbot, then you will be requested to write the name, for example Qlik Cool Bot. After this, you will be requested to write the bot userid (no spaces and ending with bot), for example QlikCoolBot.
  5. If the name is not used by another bot and everything is correct, you will get a token to access the Telegram API. Save it for later, you will have to use it in Telegram Bot Software.
  6. Write /setdescription, then you will have to select the bot first (with a button bellow the text), and write a description text that will appear when any user starts a conversation with the bot. For example, “This bot connects to Qlik Sense and allows you to have an analytical conversation based on Consumer Goods Sales information”.
  7. Write /setuserpic, then you will have to select the bot first and upload the bot profile photo. Using the clip icon, upload the image that will appear in the bot profile.


  Now, to check the bot has been successfully created, go to Telegram and using the search box in the contacts, write the name of the bot and start a conversation with him. From now on, the bot will appear on your recent list of contacts.