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    Where is the 3.2 UPGRADE download link?

    Oguchi Nkwocha

      Please anybody point me to the link to the 3.2 upgrade download.

      • "Try or Buy" does not work. When I download Sense (for desktop), it is the same download file as 3.1 (for that matter, the file name shows how many times you are downloading that same file). So, please don't send me there.
        Besides, when I try to run the install, it takes me to a "Repair" or "Uninstall": that's not really my intent; I just want 3.2 installed over the 3.1 as an upgrade so to keep the old Extensions I had earlier downloaded.
      • Software Download tab from one of the sites points to QLIKView: no, I am really looking for QLIKSense.
      • It shouldn't be this difficult to do an upgrade.