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    Fieldindex and fieldvalue.



      In my load script I am loading the following values (parameters):


      LOAD * INLINE [

          F1, F2

          a, 10

          b, 20

          c, 30

          d, 40

          e, 40

          f, 30

          g, 20

          h, 10



      In my presentation I want to access the F2-value of F1-'f' and tried the following:


      FieldValue('F2', FieldIndex('F1','f')) - but this does not give the desired result.


      I can see why this happens, since there are duplicate values in the F2-column, so you end up with 8 rows in the F1-column, but only 4 rows in the F2-column, due to QV's elimination of duplicates.


      Is there a way of getting to the correct value for my 'f'-record?


      Example is attached as well


      Help is highly appreciated


      Best regards

      Steen Olesen