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    Load Resident - where clause

    Evelien Morel

      Hi All,


      I'm having trouble and I don't see what i'm doing wrong.

      Could someone shed some light?


      I have a facts table with data from 2011, 2012 and 2013.

      Since the new year has started and I only want to see data from 2 years, I thought to do a resident load to eliminate the data from 2011.


      Here you see the piece of code.


      // ================================ Data beperken op basis van jaar ============================================





      Resident INVDET

      where Year > 2011;


      drop Table INVDET;




      If I execute this code, my facts table dissappears and I'm left with no data.

      I've tried a lot of modifications on this code, nothing seems to work.


      Am I missing something fundamental here?


      Thanks for your help.