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    Section Access and Benchmark

           Good Day Community,


      I've tried many different solutions but I could not get any that fits my need.


      I am creating a new app, with a first tab being a benchmark using all my REGION.

      Now I want to set up an other tab which will only return the REGION as set up in my access table for each of my users.


      At the moment I keep facing the same wall as, if I do not set section access then benchmark is working and individual REGION dashboard is working when the region is selected in a List Box. However that gives access to all region for all the users...

      And if I set up section access by REGION then my Benchmark only return the data for that REGION...


      Any idea on how I can go around that?


      Thank you



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          Stefan Wühl

          Maybe you can pre-calculate all higher level benchmark results in the script and then hide detailed region data by data reduction and section access.

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            Piet Hein van der Stigchel

            Provided that the users are not allowed to make changes to your dashboard, you could make the possibility to select other regions than this user is allowed to unavailable. So no data reduction, but hiding the possibility to select other regions and a always one selected on the region field.


            (Use set analysis to limit or unlimit your calculations to the desired scope e.g. {<Region={'$(=AllowedRegion)'}>})

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              Thank you all for your tips, I have, I think, worked my way around it.


              So I have change my section access with no data reduction.

              I have created a new table based on my original permission table that will give the REGION associated to each Users.

              If have set up a list box that will return only the Region associated to the user with the following expression.


              1. =if(User = QVUser(), [REGION])


              I had to change my design so there is only one tab. When the user log in he has got access to the benchmark based on the complete data set and he can then reduced the data to his region allowed.  Using some conditional show allow me to give more Region to my Admin.


              Thanks again for your tips,