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    Link other sheets within a sheet

      Hi I was wondering, since I have a landing page as the first sheet which has a basic text and image and the text containing the names of the following (other) sheets.


      Is it possible to link other sheets on the first landing page that I have created, so when I click on the text located in the landing page I created it takes me directly to the exact sheet that I have referenced it too

      In the words is it possible to create a hyperlink to the other sheet and not just to a externet site to the internet.


      Thanks in advance

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          Stefan Wühl

          Create an Layout - Activate Sheet action on your button or text box.

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            Phaneendra Kunche

            Seems you are asking in the Sense and YES you can by using either Text box or by using KPI object.


            Text Object: Add a text say "Finance" in the text box and select that Text and add a URL as shown below.

            7-21-2015 4-26-09 PM.png


            And then add your URL to the sheet you want to jump to.

            h ttps://<Server name>/sense/app/<App ID>/sheet/<Sheet ID>/state/analysis

            Here APP ID and SHEET ID are GUI ID's you will see once you open an app and click on the sheet you are trying to jump to.


            KPI Object:

            This is straight forward. you can Link to sheet by enabling "Link to Sheet" property.

            Appearance --> Presentation --> enable Link to sheet and select the sheet you want to jump to.



            Hope this helps.