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    Shared Bookmark on Server

      Hi all:


      We want to allow normal users to create and share their bookmarks on the Server through the Access Point.


      There are posts online showing how to enable shared bookmarks and here is what we have done:


      1. Application file:

        - Go to Settings -> Document Properties -> Server -> Server Objects

        - Check 'Allow Server Bookmarks' and

        - Check 'Allow Server Objects'.


      2. Qlikview Management Console:

      - Go to System -> Setup -> Qlikview Servers -> Documents -> Server

      - Check 'Allow Server Objects'


      After these steps, bookmarks can be created (with 'Share Bookmark with Other Users' option checked) but other users still cannot see the shared bookmarks.


      Can anyone help us with this issue?


      Thank you very much.



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          Peter Cammaert

          Shared Objects are made available to other users, but they will not be included automatically in other users copies of that document. That would create an avalanche of unwanted graphs, listboxes bookmarks and whatever.


          Every user needs to import the objects he/she wants from the Document Repository. See the AJAX toolbar, small-square-with-a-graph-inside icon.





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            Naresh Guntur

            Shared objects will not be available along with the own objects.


            To find the shared objects, go to Repository(before Add bookmark icon)

            Show shared items



            You can find the objects shared by the other users.


            You can add these to the favorites so that they are easy to access.