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Email alerts for Qliksense QMC task failures through Nprinting


Is there any option to send Email alerts of Qliksense QMC taks failures using Nprinting?

(Reading Qliksense QMC task log files automatically and send Email Alerts from Nprinting).

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Creator III
Creator III

@uday0994  we can perform this through Nprinting. I'm not sure about Qlik Alert as i'm new to it.

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

You can certainly do this using Qlik Sense (processing logs/using APIs to pull data) and NPrinting.

But I agree, this would be good to have as a feature built into the QMC out of the box.

Lacking this I added rather comprehensive email alerting (HTML templates, script reload logs included in the email etc) to the Butler open source tool.

More info here and sample email below.

Downside is that you have to install and run the Butler micro service/tool, to upside is that you get very good failed reload alerts (and all other features in the Butler tool, https://butler.ptarmiganlabs.com). 

Alert emails can look like this:


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