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Contributor III
Contributor III

80% of tickets solved in x days as chart function, how?

Dear community,

I am trying to create a measure out of tickets in Qlik Sense.

This is how the table Looks like:

TicketID    Resolver Days

1                1

2                 1

3                 1

4                 2

5                2

6               2

7                3

8                5

9                6

10               6

So I want to calculate that 80% of tickets are solved in 2,125 days.

In Excel I would sort the tickets after resolver days (ascending, because I want the fastest result). Eruate what 80% out of 10 data rows is (8). Sum up these rows (17) and calculate their average (17/8).

I need this as a Chart function and not been precalculated in the script.

How can this be done?

Please help!

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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

is this ok for you?


please check qvw in attachement

QlikView Qlik Sense consultant
Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

30% of ticket solved in 1 day

another 30% solved in 2

40% solved in 3 or more

hope it's helpfull !!

QlikView Qlik Sense consultant
Contributor III
Contributor III

Good approach, but that is not the solution I am looking for. In a diagram there would be the Resolution days on the y-axis and the percentage (maybe in 10% steps) on the x-axis.

I want to have the percentages dynamically. Maybe at firsdt "only" in a table.


Not entirely sure how you got to 2,125... but may be see if this link helps or provide a better sample to help you better here

Recipe for a Pareto Analysis – Revisited

Contributor III
Contributor III

Thats it. My solution is slightly different, but it works. The Performance might be not so good, but it works dynamically.Pareto_Sheets_Qlik_Sense.png



    If(Rangesum(Above(Count( [Incident Number])/Count(total [Incident Number]),0,RowNo()))<=0.80, '0-80%',
            If(Rangesum(Above(Count( [Incident Number])/Count(total [Incident Number]),0,RowNo()))<=0.9, '80-90%', '90-100%')),

    ([Incident Number],(=Sum( ResolutionDays),Asc))





Count([Incident Number])