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Creator III
Creator III

After clicking on bar chart percentage changes


Sometimes I'm setting up a bar chart with very easy function like this for example:

sum(aggr(count(Specific value),Ordernumbers))


sum(aggr(Count(all value),Ordernumbers))

After setting up a time dimension I get the following:


As you can see I get a several 100% bars. When I click on them the percentage value changes to what is actually right:

For Example calendarweek 2020/25 :


Why it returned the value of 100% in the first place ?

Indeed a specific value devided to all values at that caladar week would be 28,6% and not 100%.

Why it displayed 100% in the first place and how to fix that? And it might only happens with Aggregations-functions?


Hope someone can help me with this understanding. 




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