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Alternative to On Demand App Generation / Doc Chaining?

Hi there,

Due to performance issues, we have progressed with a solution which is an aggregated summary application, and a lower granular level detail application generated using on-demand app generation.

With ODAG, CPU spikes during reloads, and so my question is, is anyone aware of a solution where selections can be passed to a detailed application, and locked down for performance reasons.

I know document chaining would be the first step, but this still allows the user to remove the initial selections.

Thanks all

2 Replies

you may be go with Qlik Nprinting  too   its also reduction of data you can do.


Hi Craig,

In a mashup you can certainly lock some selections, in the client you might do some trick with section access, but its not so easy. Would that really solve your problem? Don't you need to split dat into multiple smaller apps? If ODAG is working well for you, can't you just schedule reloads when it's not so busy?

Erik Wetterberg