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Partner - Contributor II

Automatic Storytelling in Qlik Sense


I am trying to create some reports in Qlik Sense using the Stories functionality.

Is there any way that I am able to automatically update the reports?

I mean, I create some screenshots and stories in my dashboard, and I would like to have a report with the same tables and graphs each 2 weeks. Is it possible to get the information updated, or should I create the snapshots every time I want to see them?

Thank you in advance!

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Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Hi, snapshots will keep the values as they were when the snapshot was created.

You can create stories embedding whole sheets in the pages / slides.

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u can select ur objects and take a snaps and   create ur own story telling... aftr that u can insert diff type  functionality's  and  u can play that  .

Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Yes, I was trying to do that, but the point is that I don't need the whole sheet, but only a graph inside of it...

Can I create embedded graphs?

And will those embedded graphs be updated automatically when I open it again?

Thank you!

Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

But with the snaps, as Erich said above, the data will not change, right?

What I need is to have the data updated each time I play it. Right now I can't find any functionality which can do that...

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I was looking for the same thing.

As far as I found the only way is to replace the snapshot by a new snapshot.

If you take a new snapshot of the same object or grahps it will be added to your snapshot libary.

When you click your object in your presentation you can replace it with the new snapshot.


The disadvantage here is that is you have many objects it takes some clicking. But a big plus is that your story does not change while your presenting it.

But an automatic update function for all snapshots would be a nice add.

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

It's pretty fine with duplicate story and bookmarks to solve the requirement.