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Contributor III
Contributor III

Average measure per row in pivot table (Background Color Expression)

Hello all, 

The objective here is to color background depending on the average measure per row. 

My pivot table is the following:

row = [Activity L3]

Column= [Location (Site)]

Measure= Count(Workbook)/Count(distinct(User ID)) 

*each activity has certain Workbooks assigned. Workbooks are visited by Users.


I need an expression to do the following: 

- Per each row, color background Green() when the measure is bigger than the average total average of the row. 

I tried the following with no success: 

if(Aggr(Count(Workbook)/Count(DISTINCT([User ID])), [Activity L3], [Location (site)])>=
Avg(Aggr(Count(Workbook)/Count(DISTINCT([User ID])),[Location (site)],)), Green(), Red())

Any help would be great!!



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