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BigQuery temporary tables in Qlik Sense

Has anyone been successful using temporary tables from BigQuery in Qlik Sense?

As an example, this query works fine in BigQuery:

create or replace temporary table SnapshotDates as 
SELECT Region, Reporting_Month_Key
FROM `gcp-project.db.table`
WHERE REGION <> 'INTL' OR Reporting_Month_Key < 201909;

select *
from SnapshotDates;

However, when trying to use it in Qlik Sense, we get the following error:
ERROR [42000] [Qlik][BigQuery] (70) Invalid query: Use of CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE requires a script

The error is being caused by the semi-colon on line 4.  We cannot remove the semi-colon because Big Query needs it there.  However, having it there causes Qlik to treat the two queries as separate entities resulting in the error.

Has anyone resolved for this in BigQuery or any other scripting language?

Note: I do know a CTE could be used instead of a temporary table in this instance, but we have certain scripts in which the temporary tables are necessary.  The example above is just a simple example for explanation of the error.

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