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Bubble size in scattergraph


I have made a scattergraph with 3 measures, but these measures can be chosen by the user from a list coming from an inline table.  Then the formula for each measure is a (rather large) nested if statement.

The x-axis and y-axis are working without issue.  However, for only 1 of the options on the bubble size, it isn't working.  The values are being calculated correctly - so if I view a table of the results, it is showing the right values, but the bubbles are remaining all the same size.  The rest of the options the user can choose from is working perfectly to show various bubble sizes, but that single option is just not working.

Has anyone tried anything similar, or seen other issues with the bubble size?  Does anyone have ideas on solutions? (not checking commas, brackets etc as I have already been through that at least 10 times to make sure - plus it is giving the right numbers, just not the bubble size)

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can you share more details ?