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Creator II
Creator II

Calendar using two dates coming from different table

Hello, i want to created master calendar using two dates coming from different tables


Table 1 has the data from (2017 till 2020)

Table1:    //Photo-201701 format

LOAD Photo,
left(Photo,4) as Year,
Project as [Project Code]

From Source......


Table 2 Has data from 2017 till 2025

Table 2:

Qualify *
Unqualify [Project Code];

Project as [Project Code],
[Calendar Year], //format of this feild is 201701

From Source.......]

Unqualify *;

1) I want to show the  single filter at front showing values from 2017 to 2025 (one single filter for entire dashboard).


2) if i make selection in filter (Year) as 2017 , it should get filtered in the other also ie calendar year

So far i have done below:

Table A:

Project & left(Photo) as %Key_Year

From Source...


Table B:

Unqualify *;

Qualify %key;


Project & [Calendar Year] as % Key_Year

From Source...

Unqualify *;

And it works 



But should i show the single filter at front end. Please suggest 




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Have you seen this post -> Canonical Date