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Contributor III
Contributor III

Choice of location field for map chart

Hi all!

I have a question about map chart.  Previously for displaying regions at area level I used polylines as location field, and it worked good until Russia map was required. Russia is gigantic, and some regions are big enough to reach the limit of 1M-and-something field length with its polyline. So I searched for an alternate and at some point found that Qlik Sense map support ISO 3166-2 codes as possible location field. And it really works, but only for a few countries. 
Here I found these codes. When I load the following data:




and select region_code as location field in map chart, data displayed only for France, USA and India. For Hungary, Ukraine and Russia regions it doesn't work.

Now I use regions names instead of codes for all regions from Ukraine, Russia etc. and it works. But I still worry, that at some point it would stop. So finally my questions are:
1. Why ISO 3166-2 codes don't work for Ukraine and Russia?
2. Are there any supported standrds for regions' codes/names, that would work for all countries?
3. Is it safe to use regions names for location fields, or it depends of some external sources like Openstreetmap, some Qlik servicres or whatever, and could be changed without any notifications?


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