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Creator II
Creator II

Circular loop

Hello All,

Request you to please help me with below scenario :-

I have below tables :-

Table A:


%Id card,

%project ID

From ...


Table B:



%project ID

From ......


Table C:




From .....


Table D 



user id as  %userid,

id card as %id card



My requirement is to establish below relationship:-

Table B with Table D on %userid

Table C with table D on %project id

Right now when i do this it created circular loop . And i cannot rename any field in Table D as it hampers my records. 

Can we do this by creating any key ,not sure, can anyone please help ?


Thanks in advance

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Hi, I would need to know more about what data stores each table, wich what I see in the sample I would do a Join between A and D tables, then add table B to the join.

If needed, you can oly join the key fields, and from the joined table you can create combined keys to relate to the facts of tables A, B or D

Table C is not an issue as it ony has one key so it can be also joined or stay as independent table... if joining with the alredy joined table creates duplicates of data, it will be better to keep as independent table.