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Climber Custom Table Extension Incomplete View - Qlik Sense

Hi All

I am using a climber custom report extension in my Qlik Sense report and one of the users of the report is not able to view the table completely.

Please refer the images below

Image 1 : User's view - The user is able to view only the table chart and is not able to view the Dimension and Measure list where the dimension/measure needs to be chosen

Image 2 : My View - Able to access the chart properly with dimension and measure selection list

Image 1 :

Users View.PNG

Image 2 :

My View.PNG

Can anyone let me know what is causing this issue for the user in contrast to my view



2 Replies
Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III


Are you sure that user didn't maximize that table?

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Yeah, he is viewing the table in normal view