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Concatenate if children count greater than 1

Hi, this is my first post and I'm a new Qlik Sense user!

I'm trying to concatenate an asterisk to my dimension value if the filtered children value count is greater than 0 and do nothing (display the original) if it equals 0.

Here's the hierarchy:

Product Group -> Product, Product Flag (boolean)

A product group can contain multiple products and each product has a flag.

If the count of flag equal to 1 is greater than 0, I'd like to add an asterisk to my Product Group.

  • Carrots
    • Carrot A, Flag = 1
    • Carrot B, Flag = 0
  • Cucumbers
    • Cucumber A, Flag = 0
    • Cucumber B, Flag = 0

In this scenario, Carrots would now show up as "Carrots*" and Cucumbers would stay the same.




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I ended up doing something like this:

=if(aggr(Count({<[Product Is Innovation]={'1'}>}[Product Is Innovation]),[Product Group])>=1,[Product Group]&'*',[Product Group])

Is there any way to improve it?