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Create a FLAG dimension OK / NOT based on records in a table

Hello All,


We record files generated by a process and store them in a table in timestamp level.  Now , on qlik app, i want to make a conditional flag if the file got generated at certain time or not and flag it as ok or not okay.  In the table, i have the time in the following format

"2023-01-02 19:00:88". 

Now, i want to compare if the file got generated with in a sla defined time or not  and flag it ??


Note: I dont have the SLA defined time in a table yet.

Best Regards


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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi there!

Could you give some more details?

By the way you said, I understood that you could subtract one timestamp from another and see if it meets the SLA. That could be done creating a new column on the load script, something like:

if(Timestamp_A - Timestamp_B < SLA, 'OK', 'NOT OK') as Flag_SLA 

Does this helps or am I missing something?


Hi @mageste , Thanks for looking into it.

i have two time stamps , One is file generation timestamp, second one is SLA timestamp.  If the file generation timestamp is not equal to sla time stamp then its not okay, else its okay. i need a flag column like this and when its not okay , i want qlik to send an email alert about the not okay information as a table to the users.

please suggest


Best Regards,