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Create a KPI based on _Qlik Sense Sessions monitor application

My application is based on the data of the _Qlik Sense Sessions monitor application. I would like to make a KPI that displays the number of incorrectly configured users, that is, users with empty boxes and those with "No" in the "Access to Stream?" Or "Access to App?" Or both.

Here are the codes of my measurements for the table:

"Access to Stream? »: = IF ((num (count ({<Session Count] = {1}>} DISTINCT [UserAttributes.userStreamRights]), '#, ## 0'))> 0, 'Yes', 'No')

"Access to App? "IF ((num (count ({<[Session Count] = {1}>} DISTINCT [UserAttributes.userAppAccess]), '#, ## 0'))> 0, 'Yes', 'No')

I put a lot of codes in different ways in the KPI using count. But nothing works. Could you help me ?


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