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Data Load Error: Started loading data Unknown error Data has not been loaded.

Hi Team,

Greetings! I am trying to load a csv file and I am able to load it successfully till last night. From today morning it is throwing the Below Error and when I tried running it from Debugger mode the load is completing without any error. Please provide your inputs in fixing it. I am new to Qliksense and I am using Qliksense Free Desktop version.Attaching the screenshot for your reference.


Started loading data
Unknown error
Data has not been loaded. Please correct the error and try loading again"
MunishRaghavanData Load -Unknown ErrorData Load -Unknown Error
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Creator III
Creator III

Hi everyone, 

some of my colleagues still have this issue. It is only happening on some machines and I have no clue why it happens. Re-installing, using different patches or versions just doesn't work here. And it appears to be totally random on which PC/Laptop it does run well and where it does not. This all started happening after November 2019. All patches/version after that have that same behaviour, whereas September 2019 still runs well, but staying on such an old version is not an option for long. 




Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

In my case, I gave up trying to fix it and I just use the debug mode as @kchalasani had recommended.

Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II


just for your information. A solution that worked for me was described in the following thread with the same problem: