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Different actions + different alternate states

Hey there! 


I'm considering proposing the company I work for to upgrade from Qlikview to Sense, but I have noticed there are several functionalities the clients like using in QV, and I'm afraid they wont have them as they want it if we switch to Sense.

One of them is the following:

I have 2 calendars using the same field but on different alternate states. The dates on these 2 can be changed individually or different preset ranges can be selected clicking on a button (text box). This button has two "Select in Field" actions setup to change each calendars selections.

What I noticed is that the button object on Sense cant have multiple actions set for different alternate states. Am I wrong ? Is there another way to do that ? would I have to create 2 buttons to change each calendar selection ?




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Contributor II


Could you please give a little more insight about your question. It feels like this is a little incomplete. 


In QV we are triggering 2 "Select in field" actions when clicking on a text object, and each of them is configured to affect different alternate states. This is something I havent found in Sense.  





Qlik Sense Button object doesnt show a way to select an alternate state for each action.




No one knows ? Will I have to create 2 buttons and make the user click two objects in order to accomplish this ?

Would be glad to know if there is a way!


Hi. I also faced Same problem. 

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you can use two island Calendar tables instead of alternate states

Vineeth Pujari
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Partner - Specialist

Hi @digichap28 
i think you are right on this, a button can only apply action in one alternate state
and in the same topic of the triggers, you will have many distant things that will limit you.

and on the other hand, YES, there are many ways in which you can get around these differences/limitations, such as island tables or solve it with setAnalysis



For example, using a single calendar you could look up the date range and apply it to two different measures.


= min(date_field)    //be sure of using the = sign when deffining the variable


= max(date_field) //be sure of using the = sign when deffining the variable


and your measures

sum({< date={">=$(vMinDate)<=$(vMaxDate)"} >}sales)

sum({AltState1< date={">=$(vMinDate)<=$(vMaxDate)"} >}sales)

this may have a syntax error because I have not been able to test it


Keep in mind that you will find many differences that will limit what you are used to doing in Qlikview, but in general you gain much more in terms of self-service and new features

hope this helps.


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