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Dimensions not matching Totals with Set Analysis


I am have problems with my row amounts  when using set analysis and dimensions.


So the formula for % Total AV Test 2 .  It has percent in the name since working toward dividing. This is the correct total

if(vMeasureTimeframe='Last 12 Months'
,sum({<[Cycle Date]={"$(=Max([Cycle Date]))"},IssueDate={">=$(=vMinIssueDate)"}>} Total Contract_FundValue)
,sum({<[Cycle Date]={"$(=Max([Cycle Date]))"}>} Total Contract_FundValue)

Now when I try to break out this total across the dimension Rider_Type_BuyUp  it not getting amounts that add up to total.

My formula for %Total AV Test 1 is as follows

sum(aggr(if(vMeasureTimeframe='Last 12 Months'
,sum( {<ProductType={'FIA'},[Cycle Date]={"$(=Max([Cycle Date]))"},IssueDate={">=$(=vMinIssueDate)"}>} Contract_FundValue)
,sum({<ProductType={'FIA'},[Cycle Date]={"$(=Max([Cycle Date]))"}>} Contract_FundValue)

I also tried to wrap the sum aggr around each if condition and got the same result. So, I want the column % Total AV Test 1 to equal the % Total AV Test 2.

Here how the formula for % Total AV Test 2 reconciles


Any help would be appreciated!

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