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Dimensions with multiple columns

Hi there,

I'm new to Qlik Sense and i have a question. I'm trying to create a dimension that unfolds in two columns. Drill down doesn't work in this case, because i have a single column first in the hierarchy and the second item on the hierarchy should be composed of two columns.

If this was a bar chart, on clicking the first item of the dimension, the next chart should present two bars.

Can this be done with qlik sense? If so, how?


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Not really sure I understood your request.

Maybe an alternative dimension is what you are looking for?

What is "Alternative Dimensions" in Qlik Sense?

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Alternative dimensions is not really what i'm looking for. What i'm looking for is a way to expand a dimension into two columns, so that if a dimension is one bar in a bar chart, when you click on it, the graph shows two bars that make up the original dimension.