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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Does not filter calculation when selecting

I need to show a report with the amounts by clients, but if I do not select any filter by Year that shows me the amounts of the maximum year. I applied this formula:

IF (LEN (GetFieldSelections (YEAR, 1))> 0,
if (WildMatch (YEAR, 2018),
SUM ({<CLOSURE_MES = {1}, YEAR = {2018}>} AMOUNT)
if (WildMatch (YEAR, 2019),
SUM ({<CLOSURE_MES = {1}, YEAR = {2019}>} AMOUNT)

SUM ({<CLOSURE_MES = {1},YEAR = {2019}>} AMOUNT)
But I see the amounts of 2018 and 2019, when I should appear only 2019 if I'm not selecting anything. I have a Time table, where the dates come for the closing of the month and the closing of the week, so I put a place where I show CLOSED_MES = 1 OR CLOSED_SEMANA = 1. I do not know if this is affecting when I apply my formula for closing_months since I should show the dates by the end of the month. When I select a year my report shows me the amounts of the selected year, but it also shows me the years that I do not choose and shows them empty without amounts, what I want is that the empty years are not shown only those that I choose.
Apparently in the formula in the setAnalisis is not taking into account close_mes = 1. I do not know if it's because of where I'm applying in the Times table or if the CLOSE_MES field is not numeric.

or the formula lacks something else to add.

Please help I do not know how to solve it
Thanks for your time

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