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Contributor II
Contributor II

Dynamic Range Table Qlik Sense

Hello guys,

I'm trying to do a small project for which I need to create a table with dynamic length in the view, I explain:

I want to use one of the extensions that allow the user to change the value of a variable and, based on that value, generate a table with that length, that is:

if a user selects value 10 the table should have 10 lines, if he selects 20 he should have 20 lines, etc.



Any ideas on how to do this? Thank you.

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What should be the data on those rows?

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Well, I'm leaving the solution to the problem here in case it helps anyone.

Finally what I have done is to generate in script many "empty" lines to which I have added by means of a "left join" the columns that I am going to fill in the view later, here an example:


ater what I have done is to control with the field "id" the number of lines to show, because I have tried to do it with the option to limit that appears in the option menu of the dimension but it was giving me problems.

Therefore, by means of a simple "if" type sentence smaller than the ID (to indicate the lines that I want to show) a table with the searched length is kept



Contributor II
Contributor II

thank you also for your interest in helping