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Contributor II
Contributor II

Embedded charts in Mashup shows no data but title & placeholder is visible

Hi Mashup experts,

I am working on responsive mashup with expandable sidebar feature to show/hide charts on button selection (each button selection shows respective charts). When the page is loaded first time it shows all the charts (lets say all the charts from button A and all the charts from button B). If page is loaded/reloaded and then I select any button then show hide functionality works fine. 

To solve this issue I have used different Javascript ways to show only charts for Home button (lets say button A) whenever page is loaded/reloaded. BUT EACH WAY RESULTS SAME, When I select button B, I see the QLIK SENSE CHART TITLE  WITH PLACEHOLDER BUT NOT THE QLIK SENSE CHART (for button B only, button A charts are shown properly).

Note: 1. I am calling javascript function on button selection using onclick events.

             2. Issue is only with qlik sense charts not with html elements like <img> tags works fine.

I have tried to check this issue online but no positive. I hope it will be answered here.

please check once and let me know for any related inputs/solution.


Update:  one more point to share, even when I change the % zoom size to any other value OR minimize screen, charts start showing data also for button B charts otherwise they show a charts title and placeholder only.


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