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Enter comments to a QlikView table (straight or pivot) and save the record to a CSV file without selection.

We are trying to develop a functionality to enter comments to a straight or pivot table in QlikView. The solution we are looking at is more in the lines of the ‘INPUTFIELD’ function within QlikView but it doesn’t work well for non-numeric values within a straight or pivot table. We need to have the ability to enter and save text values to the input column without selecting any dimension for the desired row. Additionally, once the comments are entered, we need all the dimensions (values) for the particular row with the respective comment to be written to a CSV file.

Could someone help or advise to achieve the above please with the use of macros or otherwise. Thanks.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi rodrigues,

The method I am aware of to export to .csv without using Nprinting is using the "STORE" command in load editor. Which implies that you need to create/add comments to the table within the load editor script.


I think you would need to do some web development for this.  Either you would have to create an extension and install it in Qlik to add to your sheet or create a mashup web page that is your sheet and build an HTML table in it, populating data via API calls.  You could then add controls to accept the data and store it to CSV.

Natively, Qlik only has the ability to write CSV in the STORE command of the load script (non-interactively) as far as I am aware.  I have seen a solution for doing SQL Write-back to a database for capturing comments which also involved building an external service.